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Do you have a great location?

Any facility with a strong demographic profile and some of the following features. SUBWAY® restaurants can also be located in non-traditional locations, such as colleges, convenience stores, grocery stores, convention centers, hospitals, video stores and stadiums, to name a few. Nearly any location can be tailored to the needs of a SUBWAY® franchise.

●  Accessibility
●  People
●  Visibility
●  Energy

Flexible floor plans allow nearly any location to be tailored to a SUBWAY® restaurant's needs. The typical restaurant would measure approximately 1,200 square feet (20' X 60'), however, some SUBWAY® restaurants are as small as 300 square feet. some SUBWAY® restaurants measure in excess of 2,000 square feet.

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6 grams of fat or less*

Includes bread, veggies and meat. Addition of condiments or cheese alters nutritional content.

fresh TOASTED at no extra charges



Limited area of delivery

Minimum order value Rs.200/-

Delivery only in selected areas of Chennai, India

Menu and prices are subject to change without notice

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